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Clash My Soul - text

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Something I know - Nothing in my life -
Back down the ground - When it's died
Memories remain- Drenching my soul -
Believe into abyss - When I am alone
Reverse my life - Spilling on myself -
Demise of our days - When he was gone
Fucking control - From friends I know -
Take down my space - When I'm in rage
It's nothing new from him to feel -
I hear my sirens cry
There is no chance to save my soul -
You left me incomplete
Clash my soul
The situation of my life -
It's nothing than a morbid game
Domination calls you -
It lets our love wounded end
I couldn't cry - When it's died -
Let me complete - All alone
I will unlock my fucking door -
To let you pass the open gates

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