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They came in the valley a light in the dark
Seven is the number of those loyal men
They came not for money without a reward
To protect the helpless, the farmers in tears
Don’t run away stand up and fight
Obey to the Samurai
Take your spear, Katana and bows
Many foes approaching
Sweat, blood, the final showdown
They are acting like heroes
Wind, mud, black rain form the sky
Raging on, into the glory they died
Praise the seven Samurai
Sacrificing their own life
Praise the seven Samurai
Dead with honour
The brigands are coming,
Here’s no time to waste
The town is in turmoil,
Showing fear and despair
The Seven are planning a way to defend
They brought here some courage
They brought here some hope
Farmers, screaming,
Yelling out in the dark
Brigands, heroes,
Fury attacking this night
Four graves on the ground
On the top of the hill
Four men here they lie
Remembered by all
There’s no victory, another defeat
The Seven Samurai
Did they all fight in vain?

Solo: Eros/Ivano

Praise the Seven Samurai
Sacrificing their own life
And the death toll is ringing on
In the foray of the fight
Seven Samurai

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