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this sounds just a little whack
just a bunch of poser girls who never step back
yeah they got a lot of cash sittin' in their dads bank
but they got their head stuck up in their ass crack

check it out
here we go, someone tell me why they lookin' so bad?
all the girls wishin' that they had that
they got all the guys wishing they could tap that
those stupid dogs, so freaking small
they don't look cute at all
girl pick that mess up you're getting laughed at
i watch you gag as i tilt my snap back!

don't go to work, lay by the pool
they think they're so much better
crashed out of school, went to mall
and ended up
one gregg for lunch
i'll never understand these girls, girls
i'll never understand these girls, girls

Text přidala Ketyss

Video přidala Ketyss

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