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It’s a rat trap, but a shallow crack
Put the guards to sleep and set that sh*tty hole in fire
Soon your friends and family will enjoy your tales of war
But you’re a coward, and I know you would
Leave them all behind and let the children die alone
It’s a gamble and no one will ever find that out
Oh those happy endings, everyone hears about, hollow happy endings
You thought that you could swim, but nothing’s as it seems
You’ve got nothing left to lose
You thought that you could swim, among sharks craving your skin
You still have everything to prove
Then I’ll hang you high, and I’ll watch you swing
While we sit and wonder if the tears do mean a thing
Your feet miss the ground you laid your blurry eyes upon
And your last thoughts, in a last stroke
Are regrets about the princess that could have been yours
But you made her pregnant with a kid that will be mocked
It’s the captain’s duty, to sink with the ship
To get carried by the stream, diving into the deep
You see water all around, as you’re taken by the flood
And slowly drifting on your piece of wood
You fell for the sirens, singing you to head back home
Now who are you thinking of, as the salt invades your lungs
Waves crashing against your face, your bones against the rocks
You’ll always be the mess, I guess you’ve always, always been

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