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I awake from a deep sleep
Everything’s changed
I find myself alone
My thoughts are louder than words
My bones feel weak
My eyes are tired
Hands are pulsing
Something is calling

I walked the less traveled road
I know not what’s ahead
The dust fills my shoes
My lungs reject the cold
All the trees have overgrown
And I’m getting old
The moon gives its light
The wind blankets my skin
I’m so far from what I know
So close to where I’ve been
I’ve surely found it
I’ve surely found it

My breath becomes steady
And I see not a soul
The boats are crying out
The wood creeks below
The waves kiss the dock
A place far from mind
The water is speaking
“Now Is The Time”

It’s so cold I say, I must turn back
Breathe, breathe, breathe
I’m amerced in the sea

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Of The Sea

Holding Onto Hope texty

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