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Turn on your senses with the last moonlight tear
let out the spirits of your broken ears
In the surroundings you hear a sweet voice
that makes echo in your lips

And that compelling voice seems to never stop
we keep on listening our blood flows to the top
strange intentions is what we percieve
don't wanna be another preys of fear

Don't close your eyes wait for the morning to come
you turn around and still it's twelve o'clock
a thousand memories pass through your mind
you see the ghost of the past

And flying images lurk around us
we feel the cold air stabbing our lungs

Don't wanna see all these things are real
we can't resist anymore this feelings
have all this nightmare come out from our minds?
or is this just the way reality cries

The jaws of death are drawn in the sky
we ain't seeing another ray of light
we are caught in the words of the night
our ears are bleeding, no way to go outside

Tonight we'll see this time it's true
we're living in the darkness
I wanna scream, you want it too
we'll never see the light

And flying images lurk around us
we feel the cold air stabbing our lungs
the voice is still here covering the night,
making our ears bleed, cutting like a knife

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