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Wish You Well - text

o darling, I can't take your thirst away
but i can show you to the sea.
While you're walking on your path unknown, say, will you think of me.

Well time will tell
I wish you well.

Too many times I've seen those ghosts before:
I've watched them dance around your bed.
I would give you all of my sleep filled nights,
just to see you get some rest.

It's not my place to try to fill that place,
but I can with you well.
Oh, I wish you well.

In times like this
I start to ponder all the thing we'll miss.
We can always reminisce.

When you come back from the grey beyond,
with moonlight in your hair,
I will meet you where that dark road ends,
and it won't be long until we're there.

Once, once again,
we'll talk about way back when.
Oh but until then, I wish you well.
Oh, I wish you well.

Text přidala DolaineSee

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