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Head Over Heels - text


You said You wanted all of me
You said Youd love me faithfully
Oh how could I know all the while
You would never give up on a faithless child
I had defenses, built my walls
And I kept my distance till You called
And I didnt know at the time
You would never let go till I changed my mind
But now that Ive seen Your light I want You to know
Youve got me head over heels
I give all of my heart to You
Feelings I tried to conceal
Cannot help but come shinin through
Youve got me head over heels
All I want is to be with You
I never knew I could feel
So much love, Im head over heels
I felt a touch of saving grace
And Ive seen Your mercy,
Im amazed
Oh how could a God so divine
Never, ever let go through the test of time
And now that Youre livin inside, I want You to know
Im head over heels
because of You
You've got me head over heels

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