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I don't represent a city wha, I represent the whole earth
Suck my head inside my chest so I can soul search
Suffa MC gets deep in the cut like infections
Seek perfection like women getting colagen injections
Suck the fat outta them hips and put em into them lips
But now your arse is in your mouth and you can't stop talkin shit
I bring the sound to please like the autumn breeze
Bring the leaves down to the ground from the trees, underground I'm at ease
Above ground a mother grieves for her daughter killed
Lost to a pill (a pill) her loving boyfriend bought her, feel
Like I wanna holla, put our trust inside a dollar
Not a chance to advance when we choose lust over honour
Wanna all week, a leak spills death into the ocean
And we swallow our tongues like we swallow our emotions
Let's suffocate our wilderness in seamen and granite
Then our childern gets to inhabit and build on this dead planet
That we leave, and I watch the evening shadow the sun
Another night, another fight, another battles begun
And kids don't box no more, now it's bats, knifes and machetes
Annoyed and paranoid, I think they're all coming to get me
Sweat me like I was the one that made their girlfriends leave them all
I'm the reason they're outta work and the playing fields uneven
It's even for everyone bro, we're disadvantaged equally
Instead of tryna hurt me, try to stay calm and just speak to me

Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
I hope you're feeling me now

I hope you're feelin me, like contact on nerv endings
Sounds superb bending nouns and verbs, blending words
Sending them in the form of a verse
Sending you pains like the winter rains
Bring them crops relief from the haze of the summer days
And the droughts dried out them fields and broke that fathers heart, a farmers heart
Now they're headin to the city for another start
And the city's filled with ghosts that's known as homeless vagabonds
Ain't no bench they ain't seen, alley they haven't gone
Rattle on, rabble on
Sing that song Mr Vagabond and tell me all the roads you travelled on
From here to Babylon and babble on
That liquid in the flagon gone, liquified your brain
Til you're asking who you are, where you're from, what's my name?
What's in a name?
Is it the same thats in a person?
Entitled to identify you as societys servent
Man I'll never be subservient, the pride inside is permanent
Bring on your coup I'm servin it, now raise your flag, I'm burnin it
On my journey when inside my journey was a sojourn
It was either go left, go right, go crazy or go learn
About the self, because sometimes the self it gets forgotten
And you only achieve contact once you've hit rock bottom
Not stoppin til I face every problem, faced every bend
Face every corner, every turn and keep faith in my friends
And family come stand with me as the world turns
We'll warm our hands by the fire as the world burns

Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
Ya feeling me now? (You feelin me now?)
I hope you're feeling me now

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