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B-Boy Battlegear - text


Night time in winter, it has a certain atmosphere
I enter, the outer with a leash on my Staffordshire
Clasping my right hand, my mask is a darkness
My hoody and my headphones are the B-Boy Battlegear
My walkman grinds a tape that's been in there since the night before
A rapper makes a statement that sends shivers down my spinal chord
Soul is in my walkman, and spirits in my step, a
Leash is in my right hand and my pocket hugs my left, a
Night has so much power, when I step I feel the streets scream
It's just a light shower but the rain, it makes the streets steam
It all seems familiar, I know that I've been here before
I notice an engravement on the pavement I made years before
The statement from before, finds it's way back into my mind
Inspired, my mind's fired up with subconscious freestyle rhymes
I fall into my own world, my status is trance like
I haven't felt like this in ages, well that is since last night
Like a Sadas with a glass, but I exhale tragedy
And gradually, start to inhale positivity
The dignity in knowing that you have no regrets
And everything you have and own is built through your own sweat
And toil, keep it moving, keep on burning midnight oil
And as I walk the night, my Nikes leave impressions in the soil
I check for cars and cross the road, cause I've finally found a pay phone
I pick up the receiver and I'm greeted by the dial tone
The night has so much power, I want to be a part of it
This is a light shower and I'm walking through the heart of it
The night time realm, I'm overwhelmed by the atmosphere
My hoody and my headphones are the B-Boy Battlegear

The night has so much power
It's just a light shower
The night time realm
My hoody and my

"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"
"B-Boy Battlegear"

-"How you going mate?"
-"It's Matty"
-"How you doing?"
-"Not bad, what are you up to?"
-"Um not much man, just kicking back, writing a few rhymes, trying to figure out what to do tonight"
-"About what time?"
-"Whenever man"
-"Alright, we should hook up, I'll drop round"
-"Yeah, cool"
-"Alright, umm I'll come around in about an hour then"
-"See ya then mate"

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