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"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Time will tell everything"
"Matter of time"
"Time will tell everything"
"That's all it takes - pressure and time"
It's just a matter, now what's the matter?
At a point in time it seems my mind just clatters
Rappers still in my sight, fill 'em with spite and grudges
When all the fools around
I want you fallin' down like Michael Douglas
So, royal, imperial, dude you're speaking anorexia
Your toilet material like force feeding anorexics
I'm official like this track that you're gettin' this song
You're livin' in the past, while my, name'll live long
That foolery ain't used that's why the greats are callin' me
When you get given shows, i swear you're cloaked in jewelery
Cause all i need is a sense of pride, regardless if i make it
While I shine like a jewel, you singing "Who will save your soul"
Fakers fold when the break is sold, step off
Sucking so much dick, thats what you'll do for 20 percent off
With your budget nametag, talk up Adelaide fag
I'm just doing my thing, while you're screaming your name's bad
And they find no thing toy, they find no thing
I know you can sing boy, i know you can sing
But you dissing me's a joke and that is
Rappin' faster than a epileptic spittin' words at speed
Did it occur that you need to slow down, think about it
While i toast to a bottle and MC's are drinkin' out it
So i run up in your game like your girlfriend's a sport
I meat your names as lyrics, and shit in that food for thought
I wonder who woulda bought this if i had a name
Social crimes can't dispute this sliding down the laderless frame
It's a status game, cause what you wanna claim
Is the baddest name, even that is the same
For gather the fame, it's the same, repetitive
So to make moves i play chips and sedatives
My heart's on this track now, imma take yours from ya
It's just a matter of time 'fore the Pressure puts it on ya
"Matter of time"
"Time will tell everything"
"Matter of time"
"Time will tell everything"
"Matter of time"
"Time will tell everything"
"Matter of time"
"Time will tell everything"
Ha, hah
Seconds pass man it's passed, selfless path
Like, sands of time through an, hourglass
For now i, bask in the summertime Australian
On towards the dawn of the dead, the Armageddon
Mankind in 2000, is frightening
The violence is no longer, hiding
It's riding this storm that's, approaching
Pandora's box and the
Hood's are comin', the storm we riding on
We'll hit the ground runnin' when we crash like a comet
To the surface, it's us versus the worthless
Turn the world into a furnace when we, bust first
The Earth is a lyric, insane with the flow
Verse, when you hear it you, can't let it go
You're trapped in a trap, immersed in sound
Sometimes we stash surface dwellers, then take 'em underground
See the world from our side, reverse polarity
And look through our eyes, the curse of clarity
Everyone's fake, self centered, demented, street centred
But on the flipside, i guess there's a brightside
But on the darkside, it's actual windy like a riptide
If i give into stress i guess i, give into anything
So it's best i keep on like perpetual motion
And ignore the storm clouds gathering on the coast
And not give into emotion, keep strong
Keep on running like roues as time creeps on
And keeps on, we sleep on out feet
Dreaming, we should probably seem as to be gone
Be gone
The time sneaks on, another minute and we're blind
At least with the track you can press rewind
Kid, it's time
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"
"Matter of time"

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A Matter of Time

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