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Hear the warning, see the omen
Will it come true, this evil prophecy
And will all life come to an end?
Stare in terror through the window
Will they all come looking for me now
Where shall I go, where can I hide?

Fall to the grounds as I hear the sound
I try to hide behind my curtains
Open my eyes, look through your disguise
Will you take me away?

I am waiting for your darkness
To collide into my nightmare
Scared of feeling, scared of dreaming
Resolution, chaos in my head

Cazing at the far horizon
It´s been a lifetime of nothing more than pain
When will this torture ever end?
See your face now, shiver in terror
Don´t be afraid when the trigger pulls, you´re dead
And you will pass on to the next life

Hear the warning, see the omen
It has come true, this evil prophecy
And now the life has come to an end
Stare in terror, back at me now
And they won´t come looking for me now
Don´t need to go, don´t need to hide

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