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Waking up from adream, in past times it seems
I need to look for a timeline
If I had the chance to change it all
You know my will would be done
I´m waking up, I cannot see
And I have lost my memory
The demons in me has its hold
I try to run, but can´t go far
The force in me is not that strong
Can´t believe this is real life

See there´s a power in me
You can´t set it free
There is no chance for my real life
If I reach for your hand
Will you take me away
Into this world called real life?

The sound that I hear is bounded by fear
The door shammed behind me is locked
If only I could gfind a way to unlock it
I would run and never look back
I was blind but now I see
I have regained my memory
Now it´s time to strike back
I´ll stop to run, I have come far
Into this place that I belong
I will take back my real life

"Open your eyes... can you see... can you finally see?"
I was blind but now I see
I have regained my memory

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Forever Endeavour

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