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Earthbound spirit - text


Waking up from a dream

This is not what it seemed

Can you tell me the state that I`m in?

Is it all in my head?

Am I alive, am I dead?

I am caught here somewhere in between

Bridge :

All my life I`ve wondered

Where do we go?

Maybe there`s more to this life?

Chorus :

Lead me into the light

Be my guide

Through the passage to the other side

What`s behind?

May I find peace of mind?

Lost and alone

On my own

As I enter the gates where I`ll go

Into the unknown

Earthbound spirit

Suddenly I was gone

I had so much left undone

Few are fortunate enough to bid farewell

Always afraid our lives would part

All my life it hurt inside my heart

What the future holds we never can tell

Bridge :

Chorus :

"I can see you, I can hear you

Can you feel my presence here?

I try to reach you, try to get through

Need to tell you how I feel..."

Bridge :

Chorus :

Earthbound spirit

Earthbound spirit...

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