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Luminiferous - text


The paradigm of his last known crime
All the fingers point at you
Salutations fly from the dogmic eyes
As your judgment comes to view

Witness lies as you’re charged with life
Sentenced death, so cold so true
No choice you had, on this earth so sad
Find the strength to pull us through…

Take the fall for a fate so tall
Retribution paid in full
Gavel strike, as the jury sighs
Unanimous and crude

Barrister with the white wig of fear
Unparoled time served accrued
666 and they got their list
And in time you’ll see it’s true

You know we never meant this
Serving luminiferous
Die to live amongst us
Serving luminiferous

Black the pranas breathless
Serving luminiferous
Block the pineal essence
Seeing luminiferous

Hammer, anvil, judge of torment
6 billion humans doomed
Luminiferous, souls of stardust
Reverence 432

Evolution virus, once inside us
Injection chip so new
If we relied on reptoid kindness,
I think we’re all just screwed…

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