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Have you heard of Phil the Fluther
From the town of Ballymuck?
Actually times was going hard with him
In fact the man was broke
So he just sent out a notice
To his neighbours, one and all
As to how he'd like their company
That evening at a ball
And when writing out
He was careful to suggest to them
That if they found a hat of his
Convenient to the floor
The more they put in
Whenever he requested them
The better would the music be
For battering the floor
With a toot on the flute
And a twiddle on the fiddle-oh
Hopping in the middle
Like a herring on the griddle-oh
Up, down, hands around
And crossing to the wall
Oh, hadn't we the gaiety
At Phil the Fluther's ball
There was Mister Denis Doherty
Who kept a running dog
There was little crooked Paddy
From the Tiraloughett bog
There was boys from every barony
And girls from every art
And the beautiful Miss Bradys'
In their private ass and cart
And along with them,
Came bouncing Mrs Cafferty
Little Mickey Mulligan
Was also to the fore
Rose, Suzanne
And Margaret O'Rafferty
The flower of Ard Na Gullion
And the pride of Petravore
(Fiddle Solo)
Little Mickey Mulligan
Got up to show them how
And then the widow Cafferty
Steps out and makes a bow
"I could dance you off your legs," says she
As sure as you were born
If you'll only make the piper play
'The Hare was in the Corn'
So Phil plays up
To the best of his ability
The lady and the gentleman
Begin to do their share
Faith, then Mick
It's you that has agility
Begorra Mrs. Cafferty
You're leppin' like a hare
Phil the Fluther tipped a wink
To little Crooked Pat
I think it's nearly time to see
For passing round the hat
So Paddy passed the caubeen 'round
And looking mighty cute
Says: "you have to pay the piper
When he tootles on the flute"
Then all joined in
With the greatest joviality
Coverin' the buckle
And the shuffle and the cut
Jigs were danced
Of the very finest quality
But the widow bate the company
At handlin' the foot
(Chorus X2)
Oh, hadn't we the gaiety
At Phil the Fluther's ball

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