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Not Waving, But Drowning (feat. Lung & Jessy .. - text


Everybody loves me
when I'm not around
And I am so beautiful, when the lights goes down.

Everything about me can be summed up
in a single letter.
People stop and tell me
I'll never get better.
One day you will realise
that time is an ocean.
I'm not waving I'm drowing
caught up in a swirling motion.

I do just the right thing, at exactly the wrong time.
When I know there's no hope, I'll tell you everything will be fine.
I truly believe that you and me were made for each other.
So remind me to use that line on my next lover.
I've perfected the art of dying without showing emotion.

That's not me waving, I'm drowning
Caught up in swirling motion.

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