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Scared of the pictures of the past
Affected smiles
Under suspicious eyes of scorn
Strength is all that I have inborn
Tell me, what would you do if you got to know
You would never fit this world
Look at me and you'll find the answer
Don't need words to lie
Tell me, how could I cease fire that burns inside?
I won't change direction now
I won't follow their empty words
No time to spend with losers
The ones who'll never heal their rotten souls
Something to hold and fight for
The best option
After all we have only life
The single chance to show your strength
Don't have to be this way
We cannot blame for life, yeah
The power to erase regrets
Needs to come from the inside, yeah
There's only one path you can choose
Once it's running in your veins
You won't give up in vain
Never close your eyes to the past
The obscurity of your lies will not outlast
So when it starts the ride
It's only one track
Nobody knows when it ends
So better think of the plans
Don't turn back, don't pretend
No second chance to clean up
If you screw up, all you have in life will turn into big lies
So when it starts don't hide

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