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Heal, yeah, align
A new face is walking tonight
Tries to get high, get back into life
But she's the wind against his broken leaves
Haven't felt true love yet
Still he does believe in
Gettin high
Every time I think of you
Sinking in a sea
Of what I thought is true
I want to fall in love
Love's like a legal drug
This drug can
get you high
to get by
I point your name into the blue sky,
I mark it down but the wind blows it away
I write my words in the white sand
but the waves wash away
And they leave nothing
Heal me - your drug is spreading
Heal me - I'm too sick for love
More lust than love - Is a greatly defile
Heal me - don't smile with a face of denial
I can't help but laugh at the drugs which
haunt the highest cliff where your love rises off
I let myself fall down please catch me from falling
Your addiction is hard to shake
She's the drug of my choice

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