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Into The Slaughter Basement - text

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Everything OK,
A regular life but here just me
Im a lonely guy
With the crazyest mind
I love my job
I see the pain of others
Im a proud nurse
Working on the abortion room
Why no one keep their children?
Theyre just dead
If you don't mid
Im gonna play with them
Now they live with me
In my dakr deep bassement
All theyre my sons
Don't worry this is not gore
Don't worry
Ill use them with care
This is wrong his face
Doesn't match
On maybe on her
The other ones eyes
Lets give it a try
They look good now
So much better than
So much better than
When they pretend to born
There so many parts left
Hundred fingers
Tiny amrs
And those heads
Stop looking at me
Why you mess with me
In here smells like rotten innocents
Lets just keep this between us
And stop telling me all my sins
And all...
You and me burning in hell

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