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So delectable baby,
a scrumptious honey vestibule
the sweetness if you only knew
you'd see just how obscene.
You got me salivating,
can you quench this craving.
The way you perspirate, you drip just like a honeydew.
Help me pitch this tent, we'll do the sleeping bag kung-fu
As we crush, better hush or we'll make your mama blush.
We pull, we push.
Damn, you really are so luscious.
It's undeniable baby
The way you so profoundly
knock out and confound me.
Oh, the sight of you... oopah doopah doo
So ridiculous baby
all the rings I wanna do
like the Macarena in your lap, a tickle and a slap
serve you up some MILF & nookie
after that we'll take a nap
Can't decide where to hide
from the urges inside.
I stand there like a fool, I drool.
As we crush, better hush or we'll make your mama blush
We pull, we push
Damn, you really are so luscious.

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