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How low will you go to be part of the show
Are you willing to leave God behind
Do you think you can ride on your ego and pride
With your faith out of sight and out of mind
I want you to know, I don't want you too wait
I want you to know before it's too late
Do you know who to trust as you life turns to dust
Will it be the beginning or the end?
With eternity to loose, be careful as you chose
Whether God is your enemy or your friend
He's going to return, the tide is gonna turn
You can choose to live and learn
Or you can crash and burn
But he's going to return
Will you be ready when he comes
To feel the thunder of his drums
Will you be ready for the call
You can stand or you can fall
He's gonna take it all
Sure, you can hold all your silver and gold
If you think it will do you any good
But on your judgement day
There is no price you can pay
For it was paid, not in gold but in blood

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A Glimpse of Glory

Ken Hensley texty

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