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Winter came today and took the sun away
Leaving me with nothing but the stars to play
But I'm sure that I won't let it bring me down
The rough comes with the smooth but that's what life's about
Working on the principle that you'll be here
I can stand alone for quite a while
I know I can learn to live the changes of the year
Mellow in the river of your smile
I know that the season's Queen can hear me
She's brining longer shadows to the trees
Perhaps she knows I'd love to have you near me
So she tries her very best to please, her best to please
I suppose I'll always have these memories
Till we are together once again
Of the days which were so long and lonely
Till the longer shadows and all the golden meadows
Tell me that the time has come for us to live again

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Cold Autumn Sunday

Ken Hensley texty

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