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Images of Nikki Lynn came drifting
Through my head this morning
Long forgotten memories from oh, so long ago
And it made me start to wonder
Why it is this often happens
And why we have a problem
Sometimes simply letting go
What value lies within the past
What use is waiting there?
Why spend so much time wondering
When perhaps I shouldn't care?
Do the lessons of our past mistakes
Really make the future brighter?
Is it something I should dwell upon
Is it something I should share?
Why can't I let go
Why can't I let go
I will let go
I will let go
I will let go
I will let go… ooh
We all have things that we're convinced
We can't live without
Joined at the hip to a sinking ship
Surrounded by a sea of doubt
Our reach should be bigger
Than our grip on temporary satisfaction
Make the finite infinite, the past behind us
Lessons learned, a course of action
Now I must let go
Now I must let go

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The Last Dance

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