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Billy without teeth - text


He's been drawing wolves since he was a little boy
shiny eyes
that everyone was scared of

Drawing wolves since he was a little boy
A muzzle filled with teeth
as white as snow
as white as milk

So his parents took him to a famous shrink
the only one, they say,
who could fix him

The doctor greeted them with a gentle smile
examined the boy and said:
"he needs medicine"
"this boy needs medicine"

Where's your wolves Billy
Where's their teeth Billy

But somewhow he managed to get a real job
he found a wife
small flat
and a car that wouldn’t start

they build a house
outside of town
and had three sons
good sons that never drew a line
even a goddamn line

Where's your wolves Billy?

Where's your teeth Billy?

If you don't play
You cannot lose
An artificial way to prove
yourself that you are not a coward
inadvertent waste of time

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