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Only Time - text


Back in the day, thought I had a perfect plan
Never thought the studio was the place I would be working at
Cause if you ask me to the cash falling, basketball, man I mean at the all
Work hard in the high school my last two years
I didn't even drink, well, maybe had a few beers
I was making noise and grinding till the rest can hear
Shit changed went to collage with my freshman year
And i started playing ball and working out with the team
But i realised that music was really part of my dream
And its crazy how nothing is really quite what it seems
Learning 'bout life and everything that it means
So a chance came along, I couldn't let it go
Working on this music and working on a flow
And now I'm on the stage and yes, I kill the show
I guess in life, well, you never really know

In the hight school, I would have bet my life
That the girl I was with said she would have been my wife
And we would've got married, had kids and a house
And than I got older, started clicking like a mouse
And I thought to myself "That shit was immature"
You can't map a place that you've never been before
Yeah, it's crazy what we have to go to
The girl I'm with is the one I never spoke to
Yeah, she's the one and you can bet that it's true
Everything that we have done and everything that we'll do
Even when I'm feeling down, she always chaning my view
(Even when I'm feeling down, she always chaning my view)
Yeah, she's a queen, I'm something just like a king
Even though we go back and forth something like a swing
Yes, in the future I'm thinking about a ring
And also about giving her everything

To all the money having nesh deck, oil grabbing, iPod, rock game, gangster, stomach stabbing
To all the four foaks who can't afford four cokes and to CEO shopping sprees buying four boats
To the teachers, the preachers, the leechers, the records our there, that make the movie features
To the show in this, rappers overfloating this, from it was a great night to know it burns when I piss
To the ladies who really wanna go dick, to the new artist, who just put the show in
And to the people who party 'till they bumb it, for the kid who watch a Witcher party and wants to be a comic
You've gotta understand life's got another plan
You've gotta understand life's got another plan

All I'm really trying to say is that you'll never know what's going to happen, I mean if people told in hight school that I will have a solid fan base, I mean making money out of music and producing, recording, then I would have said "You are fucking crazy!"

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