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Son of the King - text


I feel the rage inside me
Growing more and more
I feel my wounds are burning
Now it’s time to raise my sword
I feel my blood is boiling
Blood that comes from a King
Blood I saw being splitted out
Nightmare from my childhood
Now I’ll follow my destiny
That was granted by me
I’m seeking my revenge
Carrying a hatred heart
A son will never forgive
His own father’s murderer
The man once was my father
Taught me how to fight
With my mind and my heart
By the laws of our crown
Now I’ll follow my destiny
That was granted by me
I became a murderer
A murderer that once was

The son of the King
My soul’s on fire
Son of the King
Revenge is my desire

Now I’m tasting his blood
Under a pouring rain
I feel my thirst is satisfied
And my father now is avenged
Now there is no more King
No prince and no more crown
Loyalty,honor and pride
Father I bring you within

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