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I’ve been looking for answers
To the questions that came to me
Wondering in my dreams I try to find myself
The spirits hide the way(Where)I may go whit no fear
The gods from the other side
Will guide my agony…

I need to find the light
I am walking alone
Don’t see nothing beyond
Where’s my Freedom?

As the rain falls down on me
I look at the rainbow’s end
On this carved stone I stand
Traveling on my thoughts
Bloody rage possesses me
But this fury seems to be in vain
In this lonely village
Only silence will remain
In this lake I see my face
I see tired man
Lost soul from a distant world
A pain I cannot hold
A brave man fights ‘till the end
My wounds will all be healed
So I die today
When my time comes then I will

I finally see the light
My heart is hanging low
I see something beyond
That’s my freedom

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