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Heroes of Tomorrow - text


I see the fire in your eyes
Burning like the sun up in the sky
Listen to the beating of your heart
Faster as the thoughts in our minds
Don’t have to be a hero
To prove your courage if you are able to try
Don’t have to be superior
To prove your power
Just face them and be strong
Now is the time
(if your)will now overflows
I’ll the truth
The lines you didn’t know
Turn on your insight
Eyes just open wide
Never let them play with your pride
Face yourself today
Raise your will tonight
‘’There is a hero inside you’’
Give trust at first sight
Look them in the eye
Let your inner Hero fly

Heroes of tomorrow
Spread your wings
Heroes of tomorrow
Through your actions
Trough your words or eyes…

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Heroes of Tomorrow

Hellish War texty

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