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Some victories are worth the fight
Like running outta darkness right into the light
That’s why I don’t expose my fears
And smile instead of shed my tears
Now I no longer feel the pain
As I’m watching the rainbow after the summer rain
There’s a long and hard way until my end
And I may walk through hell but I won’t bend
I’ll worth my freedom
My strength
My dreams
My truth
My destiny and life
My everyday

Born to be free
I ain’t no prisioner of my mind
I fear no one
I stare into your eyes
Got to be wise
And trace down my own way
I feel no blame
Life will teach me all the way

I draw no lines
Lifting my dreams to the sky
I will not fail
I won’t live my life astray
I will not bend
To all my pride and sorrows
Now is my time
To awake all my desires

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Heroes of Tomorrow

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