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Buried and forgotten - text

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Veni spiritus Satanas...
Necromantical screams
Only the mounds are deaf
But the glassy eyes behind the wood...
Freezin' breeze, last bell is mute
As I run thru night's fog
My feet lurch over the grave
Have 'em buried long ago
Still awake but without life?
Rustling leaves, I sweat in fear
I see a shape, no two, no three
Hollowed faces, pale and declined
Life is death... or is death life?
Soul is strong but flesh is weak
Laughin' is frozen and eyes are lumps
See the graveyard's church but the gates are closed
Walls are bleedin', cross gleamin' white
I've entreated death, he answered me
You entreated death, the answer will come...
Debris of faith, even the wisest is bad
Immortal morals, catched up with time
Vault of darkness, filled with hate
Deny life, evoke the dead
Procession of damnation, expulsion of light
Hazardous ways alone in the dark
Only the mounds are deaf...

Text přidala Maribel

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