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Hey wait up
Would you mind steppin´ in here
Sure now what seems to be the problem dear
I just wanna get down and take a look at your ass
Well here you go, do you think it´s pretty
He goes "Don´t be so cocky, I´m just doin´ my job"
Well your job´s fucked up
Don´t say you´re sorry ´bout it Bob
You´re enjoying every second and you´re not the only one
And it makes me feel real shitty

You got them long gone losers everywhere
You got them long gone losers

Down by the corner there´s a well dressed man
"Don´t worry ´bout it kid, I will help you if I can"
But I know ´bout their schemes and I know ´bout their plans
You got ´em runnin´ ´round in this city

They´re all around me always been
Keep on knocking sayin´ let me in
They´re all around
You got them fucked up losers again and again
They´ve been ´round since Bob knows when
I know ´bout their schemes and I know ´bout their plans
They´re all around to make us feel real shitty

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Disappointment Blues

The Hellacopters texty

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