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Faith Will Fall - text


It bites me, incites me, how you don't practice what you preach
Confusions and illusions, the hidden cracks beneath your speech
The faceless, the graceless, the careworn company you keep
All-trying and all denying - their dream is dying in its sleep
Hail to the hypocrite whose fate you hold above
All hail unto the hate you sell as love

You're out of argument, the truth stands tall
You're mind's a monument - your faith will fall

The hopeful, the popeful - ye who would be flocks, so shall be sheep
All followed, have swallowed - the mild, the maimed, the mocked, the meek
The elected, the protected, corruption comes to claim you all
One infected - it's all for one and some and none for all
No God, no government has justified our trust
Inside indoctrination we are dust

Don't tell me how to live or scorn the sins you should forgive
The mirror never lies
Don't claim to represent, that tales you tell are testament
Your limit is the sky

The crimes, the complications call, contained within your creed
Wherever there is hunger, there is need

You're out of argument, where reason calls
Your mind's a monument - your faith will fall

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