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Noah's dream - text

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[Vocal intro:]
A lonely room
A covered world
The sun is drifting slowly
A dead end street
Behind the walls
Outside the rain keeps falling
The candlelight resists the storm
Dancing pictures on the wall
Close your eyes, make a wish
And then the sky begins to fall
In Noah's dream, in Noah's dream
Caught in a dream
No power and no choice
He rides with the wind
And feels his master's voice
I'm gonna drop this world
I'm tired and I'm blamed
Only a few will survive
Escaping from the rain
Build up a ship on a hill
Three will be on your side
Pick up a pair of all kinds
And then you'll start the ride of hope
Blistering winds tell no fairy tales
Screaming, howling, calling your name
The power of your life is here to carry on
The toughness and ability
The faith is keeping strong
And we will carry on
Push by his faith
Heading for that deal
In spite of all disdain
He's making it for real
High in the skies
the ark built in blood
Insanity's ruling the world
Drowning in the flood
Who will be who on this trip
Love is a sip of simply privation
Over the land, sea and skies
He's searching and tries
to save every creature in the world
Blistering winds tell no fairy tales
Deep in the night he's standing at the rail
Awaiting the light that leads him to a trail
A million voices rent the silent air
And in the dawn they're marching for their care
The animals went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The animals went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The animals went in two by two,-ac

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