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You’ve got to face the fact
That in the world today
They try and take away the blue skies
And all the children that play
But it’s a curious fact
In every hour in every place
That when the right time arrives
It feels so good to be alive
Can’t you see
I’m a boy out of fashion
I’m not part of any nation
Now I’m back in circulation
When the right time arrives will you be there
Tomorrow or a hundred years from now
I’ve wasted years just keepin’ movin’ on
It never entered my head it was here all along
Don’t ask me why just lead me on
Talk to me
I can hear what you’re saying
Tired of the city air
If I gave you the future would you meet me there
I used to stumble and fall
I’d run to everyone that called
Since you appeared it’s been a lot of fun
Between you and me, between the truth and a lie
You have a husband and I have a wife
And when you ask me why with your kissing eyes
How could we be so wrong, oh my oh my oh my
You’ll always be there the same as any other
You like a sister and me like a brother
Like all the times I used to dream
Smile at me
Let me know that you’re near me
I can see that you’re near me
It’s the only sound on the city street
If I sing you my song will you move your feet
Every moment you’re nearer
I’m broken down and in a mess
Your love is all that I confess
Now I know that you’re near me
I don’t mean to shock, I don’t mean to scare
But the world won’t change and I don’t care
I used to dream
One day somebody near me
I can’t believe you’re making me
A rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief
There’s a strange new rhythm in my life
It burns like the sun and cuts like a knife
Everybody chic or shoddy
Turn it loose and use your body

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