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Passage Of The Crane - text


I was born into this terror, unsuspecting as I was
Just a lifeward child, not aware of all the misery
No idea of the blame this world already had to shoulder
As an untold crime came down and sealed my fate
No premonition of the doom impending
Not knowing of my strife for life to come
Soon gone were the years of my levity
Eleven summers before darkness fell

Keep this paper crane, one of a thousand
There never was a guilt to burden myself
My hopeless cry, it went unheard
And unlike me, you knew there were no gods to save me

Still no idea of the blame this world would have to shoulder
As for one last time I bid the cranes farewell
Passing by like timid ghosts
Summoners of a placid world
Never reaching me
Masters of a peaceful life
Moving on to stainless shores
Never teaching me

Now I lay my aching hands to rest
As I bid my crane farewell
And I wish for an echo of my forlorn life to be your melody

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