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These unjust times where the righteous ones are taken
I doubt the existence of god
I feel so falling apart
Missing anchors of safety
And everything written's a fraud

Where is this life after death at all?

Not in my world, in my time, in my everyday life
Someone forgot to respect
I feel so swaying and week
Floating in endless oceans of time
Overturned and wracked

It's a bane
It's a curse
It's a nightmare
It's a tragedy

Wake up now
Wake up and cease this view through the devil's eye
Wake up now
End this unholy lullaby

I am unable to stand up
Or to gather momentum
I am broken, subsided, collapsed
Who cropped my wings? Made me crash?
I can not comprehend how easy this lifetime elapsed

There is no life after death at all

There is no will to survive
I'm decaying, I'm rotting
But still have to stay on this earth
I feel so buried alive
I am falling asleep to wait for my final rebirth

Wake up now
Wake up and find myself being petrified
Wake up now
End this unholy lullaby

Am I dead? Am I alive?

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