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This song is to the metal
To the one I love
We have seen a lot these years
Though some of them were tough
Still I always knew you won't leave me
We have been many
Now we're few
You wonder: "Where are they?"
I am sorry
I've to tell you seriousness took them away
Something that will not happen to me
They often tried to divide and to take you away from me
But even when you're sung you're still OK

Aged 18, another britpop party's going on
I always knew it's best to stay at home and write a new song to the metal
To you
To the metal
This song is to the metal
To the one I love
To all the wicked ones below
To the metal Gods above
I am dead sure they can hear me
I love metal screams high as the sky

I brawl battles, combats
I win fights
I fly dragons, and I rule the night
I know the force will be with me
In darkest nights when I did feel the weight of the world on me
Desperate I felt
Tired, and all alone
Guardian, Metallica, and Manowar
And then suddenly it felt like coming home
Returning to the metal
To you
To the metal

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