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Black dyed rain is falling down
You find yourself at night
Lying awake at the bottom of a lake of tears
You wipe the teardrops from your eyes
You walked so far but still you never will arrive
And even though this won't be the final time a sad tune plays for you
As your thoughts are moving on
Consolation comes and waits for you
So hear your sad, sad song

Why are we all heading for an end?
Feel so lost and timeless now
What else can we do but pretend?
It will all workout somehow
I don't believe this is Heaven send
Nothing really matters now I've seen my part of the end

Every time I buoy you up
Every day that I give reason
Every night that I protect I do it for myself

So we are running faster forgetting the disaster taking place in days so long ago

Its time to fly
So we are all heading for an end
We are curious about
Is it what they call other land?
We will all find out somehow
I sent the past to its end

It's time to light a star above me
Light my way
It's time to turn the blackest night into the brightest shining day
Time to reach out for horizons far beyond
It's time to be your new intention
That's why I am moving on

Days are getting better
Awareness came along to join me
Made me feel excited
Hope that this will ever last
As it is coming nearer the vision is getting clearer

You are the one on whose side I will roam
And who will tell me where I am from
What do you wait for?
I do not know
What was the sense of feeling so alone?
As I said, I do not know
What do you want now?
I want to go
Where is your destination?
Where's your home?
As I said, I want to go

As dismal fears they move from me through the haze now I can see
Light's breaking through, shining on me
A star above me lights my way
Skies are falling to the end
I know that I'm lost forever

Now that I am resting here
All by myself
There is nothing left to fear

Though you are so far away
I am sure we'll meet again some day
There's no need to cry for me
No matter how far the distance in between might be
We know we will meet again many times until this world comes to an end, my friend
A look above
To what's called love

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