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In the middle of the night
During another restless fight
Who's knocking at my door?
It's all dressed in black!
I'm the erratic maniac
that I have been before

My life I behold
Nothingness foretold
I will drown in silence
Bitter prophecy!

Life is going on
My final path I'll run all deaf and dumb

The final day
The annihilation
Now beg and pray
The annihilation
Face the fate
The annihilation
So betrayed
The annihilation

I have been so afraid
Kill, destruct, degrade all work that's left undone
Now it's up to fantasy
Illusion, vanity
I've been a chosen one

Moving forward
No sound
Silence is real
To be reborn
The only hope
Unable to feel
Receive this sacrament
All sound erased by this banishment
I despair out of the light, into the black

All of a sudden a lifetime absurd
The darkest of nights is pulling me back
Into the void where no voice is heard

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