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This thing that should not last
Rummaging around in my own past
From oblivion into neglect
A genius born from brain defect

My sense of self is killed
By my own vacuity I'm thrilled
There's nothing left of note
Vanity shows overload

The fleeting glory is a whore
Transforming passion into blood red gore

Erase the light
End all sanity
From curse to release:
None shall sleep!

Into endless nights
Celebrate insanity
From rage to the ease:
None shall ever sleep!

To transience I'll obey
One minute closer to decay
To repose is to isolate
Into pale grey all colours fade

My zeals and goals are raped
My striking distance is reshaped
Condition yet to be improved
No way out and no way through

None shall sleep, not even you
Princess trembling in her room
None shall ever know my name.
The kiss of dawn will take you away

The fleeting glory is a whore
Feeding addiction forevermore

The fleeting glory is a whore
No one will know my name, an oath I swore

O night, now vanish!
Fade you stars, you're banished!
Fade you moon, you're banished, too!
And dawn brings victory

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