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Into doom - but beware

Roaming through the fields, inhaling cold and misty haze
Being the one that never yields in these undermining days

Assembling walls to castles, walking undiscovered paths
Creating kingdoms so forever they will last

Imagination running riot
No need to face reality
Rather to be a favoured species than to be a dying breed

And the first time that it happens is beyond comparison
It's getting real and it has started to become

And the key to the cypher is the arising of a will
Man is born to hunt, fight, kill.

To those that have shall be given
Striking more fires by spreading the flames
Still I'm among the living
Noting that time flies, calling my name

Into doom - but beware

Dreaming dreams forever
Tête-à-tête with déjà-vues
is like creating endless terrors,
just without having a clue.

Blindfolded, captivated by the ability to speak
I scream out loud to all the others who may seek

Rated and misvalued, above all misunderstood
At least striving for a footnote saying
"He did the best he could"

And after all I stand alone, just circling around me
Compensating my decreasing gravity

Into doom, but beware:
No one will care on the other side of paradise.
Into doom, but beware:
One more time, truth or dare
On the other side I'll hear my name.

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