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Hijacked by Unicorns - text


Let it rain!
A thousand unicorns are gathering to be unleashed
Relentless they've been born
Somehow they know which way to go
Who's in control?
We're banished, trapped - and not alone

Where's the helping hand if we're in need?
Space patrol is on a lunch break now!
Interstellar disorders - sealed and guaranteed

Wise men do not know how to read this afterglow
What have we become? Being hijacked by unicorns

Fairytales cannot explain what is happening in front of us
It's inhumane!
As spacewinds blow and nebulas grow to new black holes
We're awaiting the unknown

Help appreciated for a friend in need!
Space patrol is on a lunch break now!
The irony of being attacked by the rainbow breed

Bit of support is what we need!
We're attacked by the rainbow breed

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