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We'll be at the yard gate
No matter what the cost
Counting single heartbeats
Weather: cold to frost

There is no other way
Forever we'll be lost
Forever we will wander on
In this blackest night
We are allowed to move
Against shadows we fight!

As they'll draw nearer soon
We are doing right
Bloodred shines the moon
Anyway we're banned and gone

Ways in darkest wastelands and lonesome lanes we'll find
We would leave a thousand times

Out of the dark
Into lands I know
Elysium at dawn
That one place to go
Out of the dark
As long as I go
I'm chasing the tornado
Elysium at dawn

They will seek
So what?
They will never find
We will move ahead
We will leave them blind
And we will unite

So unified am I and thousand fellows at my side
This is the time of wonder
Of words and deeds unite
We will live a thousand times

If I'm ever leaving I won't wave goodbye as I return a thousand times
Into the light

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