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Now that the other side is near
The open skies I fear
Heading towards an unknown horizon
Leaving me breathless, causing tears
It tears my soul apart
My bleeding heart can't let go one or the other
I'm not prepared for another brand new start
Dazed and frightened to the bone
To bid farewell, to wail and moan
Hard to accept, too hard to believe
I'm paralyzed and all alone
All my plans abandoned today
Obstacles in my way
Can't draw back the wheel of time
Better days so far away
My mourning hall
These memories so plaguing
Please release me from this hell inside
Hear them calling
See them bringing you back
Feel this nightmare coming to an end
You're embraced by the morning light
Calm down all fear aside
You're still braced in the here and now
Knowing great fortune at your side
You can leave your soul to my hands
Rays of light staying by our side
Walk this way together unified
Sending sounds into a void of silence
It's all hollow words and thoughts untied
Throwing light into the abyss of blindness
Granting all of us a look inside
Breathing life into a state so timeless
Let all oceans flow then turn the tide
Finding time to prize all human kindness
Granting all of us a look inside

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