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Getting Married In Vegas - text

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She is so close to me, but yet so far,
I wish this pain would end,
No one, can even understand.
What you have been through,
once this is all over we’ll run away,
Time will tell, time will tell,
Never take that picture off the wall,
Time will tell,
Shoot an arrow, through my neck,
just goes to show how much I care,
Just goes to show, how much I really care,
I couldn’t do this,
I don’t know how you’re so strong,
sleepless night after sleepless night,
Friendship must be the only thing that gets you through,
Make a wish, make a wish
and blow out the candles,
That shows how much you care,
Even though you're not always around,
just remember this one thing
I’ll always be here, for you,
Just keep your head up high, if you only knew,
I’d do anything for you

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