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And it's all right
It's alright right now
And it's all right
High expectations (And it's alright), and low ceilings, uh
Need no vacation, ah, that's no feelings
I ain't wanna talk about it (Don't talk about it)
I'll drink a cup of coffee about it
Smoke some toffee about it, I'm lawfully valid
To speak the truth I'm awfully callous
To all of these rappers, they causin' a challenge
I might drop out
Hit the stage, maybe rock out
No keys no keys you locked out (You locked out)
Put the neighborhood on lockdown (That's lockdown)
And the house spotless (Boy, it's clean as hell in here, woo!)
But we still got roaches in the kitchen
Roll like a family stone
Speak with my chest like I'm Pamela Anderson
Homie, you already know
I'm a heavyweight like I turn slow (Like I turn slow)
Tortoise shell frames and the piff burn slow (Piff burn slow)
Yeah I run game, run game got turf toe
Keep it low key (Low key) like a saggin' janitor
Friend circle got a small diameter
Workin' everyday, ain't gonna die amateur
Yeah, life a bitch
50 cent to my name, but you bet I still Handler
(Good for you)
Skeletons in my closet make a cemetery lookin' kinda average
I'ma bring flame to matches
Rolling stones to mosses and a fame to average
And a tape to the cautious
Ain't the type that gon' kill folk
Mama raised better, uh
Rather hang with my kinfolk
And save my cheddar
And it's alright, and it's alright with me
Yeah, the shit alright, it's alright with me
Ain't the type that gon' kill folk
Mama raised better
Rather hang with my kinfolk
Save my cheddar
And it's alright, and it's alright with me
Yeah, the shit alright, it's alright with me
And I bankrolled that rainbow, railroad my capo (Railroad my capo)
Tears on my raincoat (Tears on my raincoat)
I'ma tighten my halo (Tighten my halo)
Old friends like Offset (Old friends like Offset)
New friends like Quavo (New friends like Quavo), yeah
Gibson's that day old (Yes sir), mess with me on the maple
Internet wave rider, hang ten on keyboards
Surf the pipeline, Ignore the guidelines
Destroy your timeline
Keep your mind right and leave the fine line
I'm live as Slime Time
Keep it down
Real man, let my actions be my sound
Way I walk, way I talk
Know I'm from the south
Chacos in LA, yeah, my toes out
House show yesterday, really showed out
Might move to Minglewood, sell out
Young Avenue, invite the whole town
Yeah I'm talking Collierville to Orange Mound
(What's your favorite color?)
Peel like clementine's
Mixed thoughts like Gotenks
Why you so lemon lime?
Tryna double cross me? Nah, you ain't Allen I
Yeah, I'm poor in self-esteem, but I'm Fahrenheit
I'm twenty, that's my paradigm
I bankrolled that rainbow
Railroad my capo, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tears on my raincoat
For my dogs that moved away
Tighten my halo, yeah, yeah
Outside, outside
I ain't really been goin' outside
'Bout time, 'bout time
I live like I'm alive
I tried, I tried
I can't really have no side chick
Can't keep love divided
Still tryna rewind mileage

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