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I am transient
I will not wait for you
I am transient
I will not wait for you
And now he's somewhere between a feeling and a forget
A empty sense of humour at heart
He can't afford to conjure up a scentence
A laugh in the dark
Sometimes he watches from a distance
The rise and the fall
Of the heart
But he shelters himself from feeling
The novelties of love
A noose of seclusion
Hangs around his neck
And every single word in his mouth
Oozes I'm the best
Even after days of being
A free man
He still requires support and
The holding of his hand
He hasn't let go of the feeble ways
That I know
Hold him back
Maybe if
He spent more time in the light
He wouldn't sentence himself
To the dark
Don't bring me down
With such haste
I lacked courage before
But now you drive me insane
You won't learn a thing
By being surved on a plate
Anything you want
So sorry I can't relate
I can't really tell the feeling
From the false
But the crippling sound of silence
Well it hugs the walls
Wake up him to smell the scent of adulthood
You've made it clear I am beneath you
Then I realise
I'm not swallowed up
And I have a plan
The crushing blows I felt
Means nothing to my honest self
The waking moment
Will be when he has no help
Don't look for me
You won't find me
Don't look for me
I am transient
I am transient
I will not wait for you
I am transient
I will not wait for you

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