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There's a cosy family business making money by the ton
In a sparkling little town on the southcoast in the sun
Not much need for change there no need to rock the boat
A playground to retire to where they keep the rich afloat
Hey Mario what's it worth to keep us quiet
Omerta will your legend fall apart
Hey Mario corruption has its span
Watch the power slipping gently from your tired old hands
There are night clubs and casinos to whet the appetite
But no one gets excited here and everyone's polite
And maybe that's the trouble in a town that looks too clean
The sea becomes a stagnant pool and streets start looking mean
This sinking ship is springing leaks the captain's in a dream
Hey Mario what's it like to bend the law
Omerta does your conscience have a flaw
Hey Mario do you still know right from wrong
Or is it only blood and money that makes your family strong
From time to time they clean the town and people go to jail
Making sure the rich stay rich and the poor can't pay the bail
Now the children and the unemployed don't fit into the scheme
But there's wealth in magic powder and it helps them all to dream
Hey Mario what's it like to lose your grip
Hey Mario are you on a sinking ship
Hey Mario does it ever cross your mind
That the world would be no worse a place if it rid us of your kind

Text přidal DevilDan

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