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Hey Lady - text


Hey, Lady!
You don't have to tell me your name.
Your eyes move fast
While your face stays just the same.
Don't you ever wonder
If the worrying is all in vain
Why don't you make up your mind.
Did you want to stay a virgin
As well as be a star.
When you wanted their attention
Did they tell you you'd go far.
Prod you and poke you to find out what you are
Do you think you got what you deserved?
She had this dream -
That a magazine
Had mentioned her by name - "The New Marlene"
At the press reception
They'd talked of things to come,
Of stars and fame and wild acclaim,
And lovers by the ton.
Oh how they liked you,
How then could they spite you?
- That was the moment she woke up.
Do you lunch with businessmen
To light their fat cigars,
Or sip lonely absinthe
In the corner of some old bar
Did you want to stay a virgin
As well as be a star.
Will you ever find out who you are?

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